Life update, weight update and some changes :-)

Hello :-)

Another week another update.... (I believe these posts can be a bit boring, that not much changes in one week only. (Once a month is probably better...right ?? ) :-)

My weight this morning was 69, 6 kilos. It's probably over 70 as we speak, because I just had a big lunch out with my husband. I had a delicious sandwich with hummus, feta cheese, olives and salad. It was quite yummy. Now I am  enjoying an ice vanilla latte.


 My work out today was: 

*1 hour of cycling on my indoor bike.
*7 minutes pear shape HIIT work out video by Lucy Wyndham Read 
*5 minutes arm work out video by Lucy Wyndham Read 
*Walk to kindergarten and home x 2 - About 45 minutes in total

I also try to drink more water, apple cider vinegar and hot water with lemon.


I am at home these days and my life contains of housework and writing job applications while my son is in kindergarten. Not very exiting life these days *lol* But working out sure makes me in a better mood and makes me feel less like a mess ( 35 and ending up unemployed was not how I pictured my life...)

Blogging is something that I find entertaining to do. I love to write and even though It's not always the most thrilling contents It's fun to look back at. (I am curious how my weight is one year from now...or in 5 years...)

 Now It's some jumping on the trampoline time with my son before making us dinner. Salmon, rice and broccoli is on the menu this evening *yummy*

  This evening I am going to either have another work out session on the bike for an hour or do nothing at all. But either way I am going to watch a new episode of Greys anatomy.

 How was your day ? Are you on a weight loss journey ?

I will be back with a weekly blog post...but not weight loss every time. It's more exiting to see how the weight has changed in a month. July the 1st is the date I have as a goal to get down to 68 kilos. (Let's see if I have made it or not next month) :-)

                                                                     xoxo :-)

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It's not easy :-(

Hello :-)

Another week another weightupdate...(It looks like Thursday is the new day for these updates..I never make them in time for Wednesday) Oops..(Friday I managed to get this up even if I wrote it on Thursday)

My weight jumps up and down between 69-70 kilos. Different every day..

I am trying to work out a lot..but with all these holiday days we have in May I always ending up with indulging in something sweet or salty or have a few cheeky glasses of wine... That means that my target weight on 68 is so so difficult to reach. It's is weird how hard it is to loose those last few kilos that you working so hard to get to...

But I love food, chocolate and chips to much..*lol*

  There is really nothing more to update you on weight wise.. I will come back later with another kind of blogpost (I just need to have some brainstorming).. I have my son home with me most of the days because of the holiday days and that has made it difficult to sit down and write in peace and quietness. When the evening comes and I finally sit down on the couch I fall a sleep *lol* #mumlife

 Next week we are back to the normal daily life again. That means more healthy food, more work out and more time to blog.

                                                            Have a lovely weekend :-)




Working out a lot more..but failure on the weightlossjourney

Hello again :-)


A small and depressing update from me...I have gained weight. I was finally so close to my weight goal last week..and now I am back on 70 kilos on the scale again *sadface*

 I had a couple of relaxing day at my parents place...sun, wine, chilling, meeting friends and enjoying some good food. I did not rest all the time though. Every day I was there I did a 24 minutes jogging trip (about 3 km) and I have started to do 1 hour and more work out after I came back home.  Yesterday I walked for 1 hour ++, indoor bike for 1 hour, 10 minutes with HIIT work out and 10 minutes with jump rope.
  But I am the kind of person who gain weight for every little thing that I eat.


 On the good side..after I finished my job and the health problems with my son was over I have felt so much better. All the head aches and the pain I felt all over my body is gone :-)

  Now I am zipping on a glass of apple cider vinegear and trying to make plans on how to loose those 2 kilos fast.

 Today I did an hour on my indoor bike, 10 minutes jumping rope work out, went for a walk with my son ( had a cake and some chips..he he..not a clever thing to do while trying to loose weight.)

I went for a 3 km run this evening and had a vegan salad and a diet coke for dinner. (But I did steal some chips from my son's dinner plate ) *lol*

Well I try again tomorrow...but then It's the weekend (always an excuse to indulge in something sweet or salty.)

                                                    Hope you had a lovely day :-)


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C25K...Second try

Hello :-)


                             Current mood *super tired* Was up a 5.20 am

No need to wait to the end of this post to find out my current weight. It was 68, 8 kilos before breakfast (so probably 69,2 now he he..)

 I had a couple of unhealthy days lately. I felt sorry for my self because of work and the health stuff with my son (All the tests were fine by the way) :-) I have been working out almost 1 hour each day..but my weight has been going a bit up.

 Yesterday my mum visited me and we had sausages, fried potatoes and corncob and red wine.
  I feel so bad after being unhealthy so today I have a super healthy day...and will try to loose the last kilo in the next week or two.

 Today I started the morning with 48 minutes on my indoor bike, 25 minutes walk to kindergarten and back home.

                                    Photo above: Me on my indoor bike trying to put on a smile *lol*

I had a sandwich with egg and caviar (on tube) and some coffee for breakfast. Now I am watching some healthy youtubers to get motivated and later today I will watch youtube to get motivated to do some housecleaning for an hour.  One hour to do work out and one hour a day to do some housecleaning will be a success :-) 

 I will give the C25K app another try. (I tried 2 years ago and it did not work for me...I hate running.)  And then I will try the new 7 minutes/ 7 days HIIT work out challenge by Lucy Wyndham -Read.

  I will also have a lot of water today, apple cider vinegar, hot lemon water and fish and vegetables for dinner. (It's going to be the most healthy day I had in a very long time.) I need to detox he he 

                                                    Hope your day is good :-)

                                                                xoxo :-) 

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Not a good day...

  Hello :-)

Monday..New week and a New start..

 This day is not a good day. It started when I delivered the little one in kindergarten and he cried so badly that his tears pored down his little cheeks.  It's also my first day with no job so I have spent this morning looking for new jobs and did some life admin stuff.

 I have have been very stressed the last couple of weeks and last week my body said STOP and I felt really sick. I had ache everywhere and felt very depressed and had no energy left.

 I had a lovely weekend at my parents place. I basically just sat in a chair and chilled in the sun <3 I was super relaxed. My son was in such a good mood and was full of energy and had a good appetite.


 It was such a shame that he had to go back to being so sad when he have to go to kindergarten. I just don't get it...because he loves being there. But he always have to put on that sad depressed face when I deliver him there so I have to go back home and feeling all the mumguilt for the rest of the day :(

  Last Tuesday my son had to take some blood tests to check him for any allergies or asthma. But he has also taken test of his red and white blood cells as well. I feel really really anxious and worry so much that they will tell us some bad news on the doctor appointment today. I always fear the worst scenario and I hate going to the doctor. So many times different doctors has scared the shit out of us, and there were more tests to take and then everything was fine. That has happened so many times to me, my son and other family members that I just get sick of the idea to see a doctor.  You know when you google just the smallest symptom of something and Cancer is the first word to pop up. No this day I just want to end....Roll on Tuesday.

  This post did not have much of a meaning he he... It was just a rant. No one to talk to being at home alone so felt good just writing it down.

                                                       How was your weekend ?


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Weight update :-)

Hello again :-)

This post is one day late..but no one has commented so I don't think no one really cares he he.. But this is cool for me to document..and something I can look back on later on..

  Yesterday was a shitty day. 

My son was a bit poorly and we had to go for blood tests. We are checking to see if he has any allergies or asthma.. He did so good and was such a brave boy. But I was a mess. I have been so stressed and nervous lately.. 
First I lost my job without no reasons and now I am stressing about the fact that I have no income from May, and then worrying about my son because he have felt sick lately and then the doctor appointments. I always fear the worst in any situation..and that is not good for my health.

 When I came home from the doctor yesterday my son has already fell a sleep in the stroller so I put him to bed so he could have a small nap. And then all of a sudden it felt like all the energy in my body vanished and my hole body ached and I was freezing. I felt as I had a fever with out having it. I collapsed on the couch and I felt like crying because I was so exhausted and drained. The rest of the day I did not manage to do much and had very little appetite. I had a small portion with salmon, rice and vegetables, but my stomach felt really bad after it. Not a good day :(

 Today I felt a hole lot better and my son is back in kindergarten. I was starving and ate 3 slices of bread for breakfast (kind of regret it now)

My weight this morning before breakfast was 68,6 kilos.  I believe the last time my weight was so low I was below 20 years old :-)  I am now 35 years old and my height is 173 cm. 

  I am pretty sure that by the end of the upcoming weekend my weight is back on 70 he he  I just have to enjoy this weight while it last. 

My goal is 68,0 kilos before July the 1st. 

Now I need to scroll the web for jobs and try to see If I have any energy to work out before work. 

                                                    Hope you have a lovely day :-)



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A little catch up and what I eat in a day :-)

Hello there :-)

It's 2 days left to another weightloss update so I wanted to share a little post with what I eat in a day. Not all days are that healthy. The last couple of days has not been good for my weightloss..

On Friday after work my weight was 69,0. I had a 2 large taco meals with nachos that evening. I went to a birthday dinner at Saturday with lots of good food, wine and cake.

On Sunday my son felt really sick and felt warm. He has also had some problems with coughing and stuffy nose for a while. We went to the doctor and it looked like he got another virus :-( 

We are going to the doctor again today for blood tests to see if he has any allergies or asthma.  When will the worries end ? This has not been a good year so far. My stomach aches of all the stress lately and my neck is stiff and sore.

Yesterday I did 40 minutes on my indoor bike and went for a 50 minutes walk to buy a coffee. Needed some time to stress down after the doctor appointment. It was such a sunny and warm day so I am glad I got to enjoy some of it :-) Today is a cloudy and rainy day :-( 

   Now back to What I eat in a day :-)   (you can add a lot of coffee to the menus below) 

I always have the same breakfast pretty much every day :

2 slices of bread with 1 egg and kaviar

 Snacks: Strawberry, nuts, carrots and hummus, chips with less calories or protein chocolate pudding.


                             My lunch on weekdays are usually a proteinbar and water. My appetite are not on top before my work shift. I snack on a banana in my break at work.

            At dinnertime I try to eat less meat on weekdays. I try to eat lots of vegetables, beans, sweet potato and vegetarian food.  Any ideas for dinner today ???

                          In the weekends It's meat, wine, chocolate, chips...you name it *lol* I always ending up messing up my weightloss journey each week :/   But you need to enjoy life a bit :-)


                                                                 Have a lovely day :-) 

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