My Christmas eve - How I celebrate :-)

My Christmas morning usually starts around 8-9 am. I go down stairs and watch Christmas morning on TV. Or a Christmas movie :-) I have my Christmas morning at my parents place every year.


Now that I have a 3 year old son I have to watch what ever he is watching *lol*

I get the same morning present every year ( I don't want it in any other way) I am just happy that my parents still buy this morning calendar  present for me. It's a pack full of chocolate called Non stop or Smarties *yummy*

I know that I am 34 years old...but I still want the same traditions as when I was a child. I can not picture it in any other way. It would not be Christmas without the traditions..

 Every other year I spend Christmas eve eve with my parents..the other years with my mother in law.

This year I will be at my parents place with my son and my husband :-)

At 11 am every Christmas eve I watch Cinderella a czech movie. I have watced it so many times and I absolutely love it. It's so romantic <3 It's a movie from the 1970's  (and the prince was very handsome at that time)

 In the middle of the day I like to watch Disney movies. It's a program with short clips from different movies...(Donald Duck, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse ++)

 I love to sneak around the Christmas tree and look at all the presents. ( I have to see the shape of the presents I am getting and see how many there is for me ) he he

The dinner we usually eat around 5-7 pm. We eat Christmas pork ribs, potatoes, vegetables, sauce and small white sausages called Sosisser.

                                            We always get dressed up in the evening.

The rest of the evening we open presents, watch tv and eat to much chocolate :-) (then the comfy clothes get back on *lol*)

                                          How are your Christmas traditions ??

Me and my mum decorate the Christmas tree at their place the night before Christmas eve every year. I had the tree up in my place at December the 1st. I started that as a tradition for my son to follow. It's the first year we have a tree in our apartment :-)

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A small introduction..



I wanted to change my blog completely and start all fresh and motivated..

I believe that writing posts about my daily life as a working mum is not the most exiting thing to read. Because let's face it..I don't have the most interesting life and neither am I famous or ever going to be..*lol*

 There will be a few posts here and there If I have been up to something that is worth writing about..

But I want to have a post up every Sunday with something new.. Christmas present ideas, hauls, favorites, motherhood, food, dieting ++++

But there will be few what I have done today posts :-)

A small introduction...Who am I?

Norwegian, 34 years old, have a 3 year old son, working mum, working out, eating to much chocolate,  absolutely loves coffee, like to have a tidy house ( not easy when I live with boys) and have a secret dream of becoming a youtube vlogger one day..But for now I keep my face behind the computer and let the writing do the magic..... :-)


On Sunday there will be a Christmas themed post...because It's only one week from Christmas :-)