I made it...

Hello there :-)

Hope you are all having a lovely summer with lots of nice weather and lots of ice cream <3

Here in Oslo there is one heatwave after another. (25-30 degrees and sunny) It's to hot for me so I usually cool down in the shade if I am outside.


This summer our vacation planned we had to cancel so not much happening here at the moment. I don't have a job at the moment so every day I search the entire web to see if there are any available jobs that could be right for me. It's not easy at all. I don't have a drivers license and are depended on getting there in time with the bus. I need to deliver the little one in kindergarten and sometimes pick him up as well. So to find a job in the area with day shifts It's not a piece of cake :-(

 After today my son has 3 weeks of from kindergarten so now I need to focus on entertaining him every day.  At least we have the nice weather when we are just staying home most of the time :-)

I am going to visit my parents a couple of days during the holiday...I have such a nice time when I am there. They have a big garden so It's perfect for my son to play and run around :-)

 I will continue with the work out daily. I went for a 3 km run the day before yesterday and yesterday and 1 hour on my indoor bike. I must admit that my back and legs hurt like h... these days so the ideal thing would be to have a work out free day or two.  But I feel better in my head when I work out and I am so scared to gain weight.

Because I made It...my weight goal. ....


                    My daily lunch craving at the moment (mixed salad with lots of olives and feta)

67,9 kilos this morning (before breakfast) I am probably over 68 now as we speak because I always eat huge breakfasts (I am starving in the mornings)

I have felt a bit down the last days so my appetite was a bit low. I did not eat much for 2 days (but Oh my god...chips tasted delightful these days) Not a good thing though.

 Now...job search, coffee, work out, job search, coffee :-)

How is your Saturday ??


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What I eat in a day

Hello there :-)

It's time for another post.  I have taken some pictures lately of what I have eaten (this is more like a typical day in the week. My meals are slightly different (and more unhealthy) in the weekends *lol*

For breakfast I always have 2 toasts with egg and caviar and lots of coffee. I am totally addicted to it. I start to looking forward to it as soon as I wake up..he he I am silly I know :-P 
I have also started squeezing in a glass of water before breakfast. Hydrate before coffeenate or something like that..

    My everyday Breakfast (always)

 For lunch (after my work out) I either have a protein bar/a smoothie/porridge or a salad.


I try to eat healthy dinner on the weekdays and I love eating a lot of vegetables...(either fried in the pan or in the oven) I don't fancy cooked vegetables. I hate the taste and the consistency of it.
I try to eat less meat or at least red meat on the weekdays. I love chicken and I have also started enjoying meals with seafood. ( I used to hate fish and vegetables as a kid) So there is hope for everyone with a kid that absolutely refuse to eat that kind of food. I love it now :-) My 4 year old son actually prefer fish and ordinary dinners..but he does not enjoy food with minced meat..and he also is very back and forward when it comes to pasta. It's not always easy cooking meals that both my husband and my son enjoy.  Sometimes I make something for my son and something else for me and my hubby. He is working night shifts so It's much more calmer and enjoyable having a quiet meal after my son's bedtime.  My son has no patience for enjoying a meal and sit long at the table...

    It's almost July the 1st and my weightgoal (68 kilos) is not possible. My current weight is 69 kilos and this week is my husband's birthday and we are going to an Eminem concert this weekend (I am absolutely beaming) The 16 year old me is so grateful that the 35 year old me finally get to see him <3   But back to the weight thing....I will not make it to July the 1st.




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Interview, weight and surprise mini break :-)

Hello there :-)


Monday June the 18th 

Another week is in the horizon... The weather is quite shitty these days. After a month with sunny days and temperature around 30 I must admit that rain, wind, thunder and 13-19 degrees are quite disappointing.

 This week contains most of the same as always...writing job applications, working out and housework. We are also planning a mini holiday this week. Just for one night. We are going to surprise the little one (my 4 years old son) and take him to a hotel with a swimming pool and a fun park next to it. We are going to surprise him in the morning when he believes he is going to kindergarten. (I can not wait to see his his reaction) <3

 Now I have finally bought the last Fifty shades of grey movie on dvd. (I never had the time to see it on the cinema.) Hopefully I can watch it later this week.

Tuesday June the 19th

Another day another interview. I am so so nervous. It will be my third interview in 1,5 week. But it does not get any easier. I am very shy and hate being thrown with lots of questions in my face while talking to strangers :O   Just hope that one day there will be a new job out of these interviews.. Wish me luck he he..

I am going to threat my self an ice vanilla latte from starbucks as soon as I am done.

Let's say I had a huge head ache after I was done. To be a shy person and sit in front of 2 strangers answering a hole bunch of questions where I need to tell them all things positive about me and why I should be the right person to choose is stressful....

I went home and wrote some new job applications and went to the beach with my family in the evening.


Wednesday June the 207th 

We already told him yesterday about the trip he he.. He was a bit surprised....but I don't think that he understood exactly where we are going.

Now I am having some coffee, writing this blogpost and looking for some jobs online.

My weight is currently 68, 5 kilos. It will probably change during this small trip *lol*

                                               Have a lovley day :-)

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Not my best week..

Hello :-)

Today I feel like shit....

It's raining, It's windy and I am exhausted and feel so not motivated scrolling online for jobs. It feels hopeless sometimes. There are not much work around my area that need people with the office/customerservice experience I have. They are only looking for people with sales experience everywhere. The few interviews I have got did not go successful. (Thank you shyness)  


                                          Coffee is much needed these days :-)

The last two days I have been sitting non stop most of the days pushing the refresh button on all the online work sites (where I can see if I find a job) On Monday I had a job interview, but not sure if that went as good as I hoped. 
 The last evenings I have scrolled online to see if I can find a 3 days trip to a place in Europe (would prefer something with sun and sea), but It's all so so expensive.  I am going to end up going to a hotel in Norway or Sweden as usual *lol*

I have been feeling more tired lately and working out feels very hard at the moment. Need to get to bed earlier and start drinking more water.

 My weight yesterday was 68,7 kilos...but after pizza and nachos yesterday and peanut butter toasts today my scale tipped over 69 again he he..

 Sitting alone in front of the computer everyday hour after hour makes me crave something to eat more and more. That does not do good for my weightlossjourney.

 But hey..boring days has pushed me to finally do some housecleaning again. Now I just need to complete all the other tasks that should be done.

 Tomorrow is another day with looking for work..and visiting a family member at hospital.

 On Saturday I am leaving my husband and my son at home, going to get dressed, put on some make up, a quick trip to Starbucks before going to a friend's birthday party :-)

Now I need to work out this bad mood.. *burn away those grumpy calories*

                                            Hope you have a lovely day xx


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Life in general..and weightloss not going the right way..

Hello again :) 

Another week another blogpost..

 This last week has been both fun and boring. My parents visited last weekend. It was almost 30 degrees so we spent most of the day outside in the sun. We ate pizza, went to the beach, jumped on the trampoline...and my son got his first real bike from my parents for his birthday. He absolutely loved driving up and down the road and inside the house as well *lol* (the bike had 2 supportive back wheels as well...he is not ready for only 2 wheels just yet.)



  Sunday it was 31 degrees. I first went for a 3 km run before I enjoyed a venti iced vanilla latte from Starbucks.


 The weekdays are a bit boring...Housework, work out, writing job applications, looking for jobs online, lots of coffee and a small trip to the beach in the evening (need to get some fresh air and sun every day.) I live in a basement apartment so I need some sunlight in my life.

 Yesterday got a bit hectic. First it was going to kindergarten and back, then a 60 minutes cardio/burn 600 calories video on youtube work out, got a call about a job interview, needed to get ready and go on a 20 minutes walk to get there. Had the interview, bought an ice latte and walked home. Then packed, did some housework before we went to the beach. The little one was very grumpy and stubborn and I was exhausted. At 9.30 pm I decided to go to sleep. But because I was so sore and had back and leg pain after working out a lot lately I just laid there tossing and turning for a couple of hours :-(

 Today I repeat most of what I did yesterday.. except job interview and the beach. There is a summer party in kindergarten this afternoon. Cake and coffee. Need to fix a healthy dinner with lots of vegetables this evening.

   The weight jumps up and down between 69,5-70 kilos. (Because even though I work out more then ever...I eat more and indulge in to much calorie rich food/snackery. I blame the sun and the heat he he

    My weight goal is 68 kilos before July the 1st. (I don't see that happening now)


 How was your week ? Please do leave me a comment (that would be nice...to see if anyone actually reads this..)  <3 


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A special day

Hello :-)

Today is a very special day.. It was 4 years ago my life changed completely..


There was a new journey in my life <3 

1. I got my son
2. I got addicted to having a clean house
3. To make more homemade food
4. Got the final will power I needed to loose weight

The best present of all was to give birth to my son (well not exactly the give birth part...but to become a mother.)

I have been wanting it for so many years...and I was about to give up..

Happy Birthday to the little one (who is now not so little anymore) <3 

We started this morning with presents before we went to kindergarten.



 There he will have a small celebration with a minion crown, ice cream and lots of playing outside in the sun. The weather has been crazy these last weeks. It's sunny every day and It's between 25-30 degrees. Not exactly the average temperature here in Norway.

I will celebrate this day with writing job applications, find out what clothes to keep and what to give to charity and a work out. My son will have a Mcdonalds dinner this evening along with my husband. I am going to be a bit healthier and make my self a dinner with lot of vegetables *yummY*

                                                 Hope you have a lovely day :-)


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This weekend...

  Good Monday :-)

I had a lovely weekend..

I went to a Spa hotel down by the sea on Saturday. It was just me any my husband while my son was at my parents place.
 It has been 26-28 degrees these last days..I can not even believe it because this kind of temperature is more normal in July/August. It's hot, but I ain't complaining *lol*

Our room was a junior suite and had a lovely balcony with sea view.

We started our stay on the balcony..soaking up the sun, prosecco, music, stunning view and stuffing my face down in the chips bag he he 

I absolutely hate wearing swimming wear (I will spare you the sight :P )

We went to the swimming pool and the bubble bath (It was absolutely delightful ) . After It we went out for a drink and salad. We got a table at the end of the bridge right next to the sea.


In the evening we had a 3 course meal. It was asparagus soup (the best soup I ever tasted) , Steak and creamed potatoes and for dessert It was chocolate mouse. My tummy was full.

 We ended the evening (sitting outside at 11 pm) with a drink called Aperol Spritz (My first time drinking it..and I can promise you It was not my last..)


On Sunday we spend some time at my parents place. I had to sit in the shade because of the heat.



Today I have been writing job applications, 1 hour work out on my indoor bike, About 3 km run and 2,5 km walk and ended the work out with a 5 minutes arm work out. I am exhausted and my legs are sore.

                           I will be back later this week with a Favorites of the month blog post :-)

                                                           Until then...xoxo 

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