Weekend away, Starbucks and still a hint of summer :- )

Happy Sunday :-)

After an exhausting week at work I could not describe how lovely it was to finally say TGIF :-)


I went alone to my parents place on Friday.  The weather was perfect...It was finally a hint of summer after weeks of absence :-) I even had time to drop by Starbucks (we have no Starbucks where we live and I am so so sad about that.. :-( )

I bought an iced vanilla latte and it tasted delightful after a long day.

I spent the evening just chilling and chatting with my parents. We ate chicken and rice and to much chips and chocolate. We ended the evening with a round of yatzy. (I did not win)

  I slept to 9 am on Saturday and that was amazing considering the fact I have to get up every morning before 6 am.

 I enjoyed a nice and quiet breakfast and lots of coffee. My husband and my son came around 11 am and I had time to relax while the little one ran around with my parents around the garden and played with them.


 We decided to stay for one more night. We went to visit my grandparents and I stuffed my face with cake and more coffee ...he he.. Let's say my dieting went straight down the toilette this weekend. I had finally lost 2 kilos the last 2 weeks...and the weight told me today I had gained them all back again :-( I just hope I will loose them quick. On Thursday evening I was just 3 kilos from my weight loss goal. Now I am 5 kilos away :-(

 I have had lost 23 kilos in the last 2 years so I am sure I will manage to loose the last 5 :-)

If you want to know more how I lost those kilos, just leave a comment below :-)

We had sausages and mashed potatoes for dinner and just relaxed on the couch the rest of the evening.

Today It was hot hot hot outside. I sat in the shade all day long. I was continuing reading my book "The Break down" It's a good book, but I don't take time to read that often so I have been reading this book 2-3 months now *lol*


Now I am zipping on a cup with warm water and a slice of lemon in it while finally have some time blogging. I also have lots of youtube vlogs to catch up on so this evening will just fly by...

Am I ready for Monday ?? NO NO NO

How was your weekend ??

                                                         Have a lovely evening xx

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I am back...again :-) A typical day in the life...

Good evening :-)

I was so so motivated to get back with blogging again. And I was so motivated to get back with lots and lots of working out.

I still have 5 kilos left to loose before I am happy with my weight.

But all of a sudden summer vacation was over and life caught up with me.


In a week I went from unemployed and spending my days at home to a full time working mum.

Now I have to get up at 5.30 am 5 days a week. Have breakfast,lots of coffee, put on make up before waking up the little one. And that is a struggle I can tell you ;-) After getting him changed he is watching some tv before we have to rush of to kindergarden.

 There he goes all shy and does not want me to leave him there (as soon as I leave he is having so much fun.)

Then I need to rush of to work and be there at 7.50 at the latest. Get my uniform on and get prepared for work.


 It's very hectically and so much new information to learn. I am exhausted every day and usually have a headache every time I leave work.

I am home around 4.45 pm.

Then there is cooking dinner, dishes, laundries, preparing the lunch box for my son for the next day  and having the coffee machine ready (then I can just push the start button the next evening.)

I will squeeze in some time watching some tv with my son before his bedtime. He is so clingy these days so I feel bad not having more time for him on weekdays. (He is 3 years old)

That is why I love weekends and spending time with my family <3

After his bedtime I crash down on the couch...(It used to be work out time...but not these days *lol*)

I will try to have 1-2 blog posts each week :-)

                                         Have a lovely weekend :-) :-) :-)


This is me...(The new blog)

Hi there :-)


I used to have a blog here called Mummylife...but I lost all inspiration to keep on blogging. I decided to delete all the other posts.

But there has been this little voice in back of my head telling me..."But you loved writing..are you sure you want to stop doing it?" A part of me missed it so I decided to give it another try..

A new start..Clean sheets :-)

I am 34 years old..


Loves coffee,wine and chocolate..

Have a 3 year old son..

Loves HIIT work out videos on youtube..(Try to work out daily)

Lost 22 kilos the last 1,5 years..

Love meat..but also like to cook a lot of vegeterian food (Try to eat less meat then I used to)

Love Criminal minds, Greys anatomy and Neighbours (also been watching Home and away for 20 years..)

Absolutely love watching youtube vlogs (secretly wish I had the guts to vlog too..)

If you want to know more about my daily life as a mom, woman, dieting mission, food, hauls, travel ++ Please subscribe or leave a comment. Would love to hear from you :-)


                                                              Bye for now :-)