The weight is moving in the wrong direction, no tv and online connection, tummy pain and a trip to the beach :-)

So here I am on a Sunday evening..was really looking forward to a nice quiet evening watching some youtube vlogs and some tv. But of course the tv and internet has been down all evening *I am literally crying right now* Well almost..


 It's at these times I see how addicted I am to being online or at least watch some tv. I was so bored. My husband is at work and my son is sleeping. The best thing would have been to go to bed early my self and catch up with all the hours of sleep I feel like I am in lack of.

 I ended up with a 40 minutes work out on my indoor bike while watching an episode of the Hills season 3 on dvd *lol* I absolutely loved all the drama. *I kind of miss it*

 I was at my lowest weight in 14 years on Friday after work. I had only slept 1 hour that night, it was a lot of stress at work and no chance of sitting down (except at lunch break) I stand all day at work and I am not used to it. (I have worked most of my working years at an office desk..sitting on my butt all day.) My legs and back hurts really bad after each shift. I have very little appetite while I am work and don't eat to much and drink no water (because I can not run to the toilette every second he he ..)

 But then came the weekend...Freetime and I ate chicken and rice yesterday and had some cheese doodles and wine. *regret it now* But I had the worst stomach pains that ruined most of my Saturday. I have no idea what it was..but it was the worst pain I ever felt since giving birth almost 3 years ago.. It went away after I got some rest. So I wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening.

 The pain started after a HIIT exercise. It was only for 10 minutes and just a few stomach work out moves. I had warmed up with 20 minutes on the indoor bike.

 Today I had a chilled morning with my son. Did some cleaning around the house. 25 minutes  HIIT and walk work out (from a youtube video with Jessica Smith) Went to a beach where we had coffee and enjoyed the sun while my son played on the playground, Ended up with a Mc vegan burger with fries and then decided to do another work out.

   Now I will probably read my book and just hope that everything is working again tomorrow!!!


 My weight is up 1,5 kilos since Friday..hopefully It will be gone before next weekend.

This will hopefully be up on Monday....


                                                                    Have a lovely day :-)  
 (My tv and internet connection is back) YEAH :-) 

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I have finally reached my weight goal :-)

Hello :-)

It's been a while since my last update...but life caught up with me....

After been a stay at home mum for the last 3 years (almost), I have started working again. It was quite a hard change in life. It's very stressfull at work some times, and when I come home I am so exhausted that I end up falling a sleep on the couch *lol* And on my days of I have lots of house work, exercising to do and spending some quality time with my boys :-) <3 

To those of you who how have been reading my previous posts know that I am trying to loose weight. (It's the story of my life he he)

I gained about 12 kilos when I was pregnant. But I was overweight even before then. I have always struggled with my weight. I have lost weight, but always ended up gaining them and even more...

But October 2015 I had enough. I looked at photos of me and was horrified over how I looked :-(  

Youtube work out videos has been my heros the last few years, and the C25k app last summer (but I never got into the hole running thing...It's not for me) But I started loosing even more weight. Just before Christmas last year I started walking between 9-11 km as often as possible. This year I have turned back to the Youtube videos and my indoor bike. It's amazing to do the exercise at home. It's free of charge and you can watch tv or listen to the music you like. It's so many videos to choose from so you don't have to get bored.

I still enjoy wine, chocolate, pizza, lattes...just not every day.


 I have stared making more home made meals with lost of vegetables. I also try to eat less calories on the week days. I need to burn more calories then I eat (that is not always easy).


A couple of weeks ago my weight was 1 kilo up and It stopped there for a while. I was tempted to give up there for a while. But now I have lost 1,5 kilos and have finally reached my goal :-)   (21 kilos weight loss)

If I can do it so can you :-)

I will try to loose 6 more kilos before I am happy with my weight. If you like I can keep updating you on my blog. If I reach my goal I will finally not be afraid to tell you exactly what I weigh. So if you are curious just drop by here for the next months and I will keep posting about the process..

                                                               Have a lovely evening :-)

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A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips

This will be my new motivation sentence every time I see that delicious chocolate or a that juicy burger..

I need to remind my self that no matter how good something taste that I need to go for a walk for an hour to loose those damn calories.The taste will only last for a few seconds..


  I am back! I had no motivation to blog lately so I just did not bother. I am more into Instagram at the moment. I love posting on Instagram stories. To keep updated you can follow me there yvee_33

I have not been up to much lately. Just trying to loose weight. I wanna be a healthy person that would not feel terrified just looking in the mirror.


I have always been a bit overweight and after I became pregnant in 2013 I gained 10 more kilos that got glued to my thighs and tummy. It was in October 2015 I decided to eat more healthier and exercise daily. I still enjoy wine, pizza, chocolate +++, but I try to eat less of it. I could not give up on it 100%. It would not make me happy if so..

Youtube videoes with 10-20 minutes work out (cardio, HIIT, tabata or dance) is brilliant and made me loose most of the kilos. Last summer I tried the C25K app and went out for a run every evening for a couple of weeks. I lost more weight, but running was not good for my back and my breath never got better so I gave up on it.

Now I either get on my indoor bike, youtube work out or 30-60 minutes walk outside.


It took me 19 months to loose 19 kilos..and I am so so happy.


But every weekend I gain about 0,5 kilo so I have to work extra hard on the weekdays.

My goal is to loose 2 kilos before July the 1st and 4-5 kilos in total before December the 1st. I will keep you updated here with my weight loss journey.

I have started to choose more gluten free food, because I have always suffered with stomach pain (IBS) and have decided to try and see if this will make me feel better.

I have a part time job this spring so I worry that I will have less time and less energy to do the daily work out. I just have to wait and see :-)

I will post what I eat in a day, how much I have lost/gained each week and how much exercise there has been through the week. I will also post hauls and Day in my life when there is something to write about.

If you have any questions I can do a Q and A post :-)

                                                           Have a lovely easter :-)

I will do another update next Sunday (but going away this easter for a couple of days I will probably gain some weight I am afraid...)

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Mini haul :-)

Hello :-)

I am sorry that there has been few posts lately, but I just not had any writing inspiration at the moment.  I don't bother to post something just to post something (if you know what I mean ) :-)

Yesterday I had a lunch date with a friend and her adorable baby. I ate a lovely chicken sandwich *yummy*

Of course I ended up doing a little shopping ;-)

Do you wanna see ?? *lol* You have no choice :-p

                                   Photo above: Different protein bars and cookies

                                Photo above: Nail polish "Spool me over"

           Photo above: Garnier cleansing gel wash. To remove make up and clear up the skin.

                  Photo above: Wool socks for me and the little one.

                       Photo above: In a dark dark wood written by Ruth Ware.

    Photo above: A children's book for the little one " Guess how much I love you"

     Photo above: White long sleeved white shirt with black spots from H&M. (Love it)

                             Photo above: Outdoor dress and new mittens.(For the little one)

This always happens. I go out to shop for me and ends up shopping more for the little one *lol*

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Finally reached my goal and separation anxiety..

Happy Wednesday :-)

Today is the day I finally reached the weight goal I had in mind when I started dieting in October 2015..


I have lost 16,5 kilos in 16 months. My next goal now is to loose 4 kilos..but I have given my self deadline December the 1st. (So no rush) :-)

 I have not given up on pizza,wine and chips (and my big lattes), but I try to eat healthy as often as possible and exercise almost every day. But It has been a lot easier to follow this journey to loose those kilos when I still have days in between where I have eaten a lot of what I want (during Christmas I ate so much.) But I lost that kilo straight after new year :-) 

Jogging and Youtube videos has been my work out, so I have not spent any money on exercising..

Today my work out was a 25 minutes dance video and oh my god I felt like collapsing in the end *lol*


  Early this morning I struggled with waking up little L. He refused to get up and was so tired and grumpy. (I am no morning person my self so I don't blame him) but we had to get to kindergarden before they were having breakfast there.

 I was exhausted when he finally had agreed on changing clothes and getting all his warm winter clothes on ( Oh how I miss summer)..

When we got there he was super clingy and shy. He refused to let me go. He is usually like that every day, but today he started crying and it was so hart breaking to leave him there :-( 

 I was such an emotional wreck when I got home and really felt the mumguilt..  I even cried through a hole Home and away episode he he


BUT  when I went to pick him up he refused to go home because he had so much fun playing with his friends.. (He is usually likte that everyday too) It's like I am delivering one child and bring home another *lol*

I got told that he had been quite bossy and stubborn today..I struggle to sometimes with his strong will and how stubborn he is. #mumlife


 But I noticed that his speech has all of a sudden got even better. Longer sentences and lots of word I did not know that he has learned. Does anyone know if a change in the development can change their mood a bit ??

He was quite a smiley little child the rest of the evening and he was in bed by 7 pm :-) :-)  

Tomorrow I am sending my huband to do the kindergarden drop of while I enjoy my coffee at home ;-)

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Date night & Mothers day - this weekend :-)

Hello to you who reads this :-)

Hope you had a lovely weekend :-)


I feel like I have a bit of a blogwriting block in mye head and in my fingertips. If you have any suggestions of subjects you like to read more about or any questions...please leave a comment :-)  I would love some feedback about what you as a reader want to read more about and what would make you want to visit this blog again :-)

 I thought I could share this weekend with you. This hole week I have stayed home with a sick toddler. I can promise you that is no fun to read about. Lots of tears and tantrums because he was bored. I am happy to take him back to kindergarden tomorrow :-) :-)

Friday was date night. We were supposed to book a hotel either in Oslo or in Strømstad (Sweden), but because I have been a bit down and tired lately we decided to do that later. We went out at a restaurant nearby instead. (Little L was at my parents place.)
I had blue cheese burger and wine. It was so so good.



We went home around 10.15 pm. We started watching a Swedish tv show that we love...but ended up falling a sleep on the couch *lol* #motherhood

I am really not the kind that stay up late to party he he   (3-4 hours out and a couple of glasses of wine..that is good enough for me. I like to go back home before midnight.) It's like Cinderella..I have to get back home before my make up does not look good anymore and I am feeling so so tired and look like crap *lol*

 I had on false eyelashes and I loved them. I almost forgot I had them on. Did not need any mascara :-)


 Saturday I got up at 10 am (happiness) I had a nice breakfast, watched youtube vlogs, had lots of coffee and a quick workout.

When we came home after picking up the little one we ordered pizza and watched the latest episode of Riverdale.

 Today was mothers day (my third one) :-)  My son woke me up at 7 am. (No letting me sleep a bit longer present from him ) he he

I gave him porridge for breakfast, cleaned his room and the bathroom. Gave him a bath and had to cut his nails. Went out to play in the snow.
Came home and enjoyed a latte & a small piece of cake.


He had fish sticks and macaroni for dinner while me and my husband had chicken wok with vegetables, macaroni, sweet chilli sauce and chili powder. It was so hot and I ate to much....

 Now I am going to watch 24 (the new serie) I am a bit disappointed to watch 24 with out Jack Bauer :-( :-(   But I will give it a chance (1 episode) to see if it is worth watching anyway..

                                                 Have a lovely evening :-)

Ps. I will continue watching 24 ( got hooked) :-)

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Pizza :-)

   What could cure a bad mood or a cold better then the delicious smell of home made pizza ???


Being home all week with a sick toddler while not feeling my best has made me exhausted... Horrible headache and tummy pain. Nights with no sleep makes me pretty much in a zombie state *lol*

But today I decided to make pizza rolls. I hoped that my fussy eater of a son would enjoy having that for lunch. (Me and my husband enjoyed it the most.)

I had already bought the pizza crust ( I know I am lazy..) and rolled it out on a baking paper.  I had pizza sauce all over it.


Little L was in charge of putting meatballs, cheese, pepper and ham on it. While I cut up small sausages bites and put on the top.


                              I rolled the pizza crust around and around and cut it up in pieces.


       I preheated the ovn for 225 celsius degrees and had the pizza in the ovn for about 15 minutes.

                                       The little one enjoyed helping his mum with the cooking <3

                                          It actually tasted better then It looks like he he

                                                  It tasted quite nice I must say :-) :-)

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