This is me...(The new blog)

Hi there :-)


I used to have a blog here called Mummylife...but I lost all inspiration to keep on blogging. I decided to delete all the other posts.

But there has been this little voice in back of my head telling me..."But you loved writing..are you sure you want to stop doing it?" A part of me missed it so I decided to give it another try..

A new start..Clean sheets :-)

I am 34 years old..


Loves coffee,wine and chocolate..

Have a 3 year old son..

Loves HIIT work out videos on youtube..(Try to work out daily)

Lost 22 kilos the last 1,5 years..

Love meat..but also like to cook a lot of vegeterian food (Try to eat less meat then I used to)

Love Criminal minds, Greys anatomy and Neighbours (also been watching Home and away for 20 years..)

Absolutely love watching youtube vlogs (secretly wish I had the guts to vlog too..)

If you want to know more about my daily life as a mom, woman, dieting mission, food, hauls, travel ++ Please subscribe or leave a comment. Would love to hear from you :-)


                                                              Bye for now :-)


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