The day I pooped a watermelon

It's now 3 years since my life changed completely...


3 years ago I met the sweetest and most adorable person I will ever meet as long as I live.

I felt the worst pain ever and wanted to give up. I felt like a watermelon was pushing it' s way out of me.

At 04.11 am all the pain was gone and I got to hold this tiny precious boy in my arms. I was so overwhelmed with love and care for this little person. I was finally a mom <3

These 3 years has changed me so much as a person..mentally and physically. I have never felt so overprotecting, calm, less restless and scared AF as I have felt these years. I have never felt so helpless as I do when he is sick. I have gone from a non housewife to The Housewife *lol* I clean the house several times a week, cook more homemade meals (well almost homemade) and exercise as often I can every week. I have finally shifted the weight I have struggled with for the last 12 years :-) 

Motherhood opened my eyes towards mummy vlogs on youtube and made me inspired to have a mummy blog myself. (Vlogging I am to shy to try out.)

I will say that even though I have never got my patience tested to the limit ( arguing with a stubborn toddler is no easy match I tell you..) It's like telling no to a wall that will laugh you in the face. All the lack of sleep these years and less freetime and metime..I have never been so happy as I am today. It made me strive to be a better person. And I still working on becoming a super mum and a super person (if they even exist)

                          Thank you little one for putting a smile on my face every day :-)


3 years ago I met you
A love so true
It was a boy 
an overwhelming joy
His small lips 
and tiny fingertips
Reaching out for my hand 
I was his shelter..I was his land
I said Hello little boy I am your mum
No matter where your are or what you do 
there will always be a shoulder to lean on here for you
Thank you for being you
I love you now and will always do

<3 <3 <3 

Happy Birthday little one :-) 


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  1. Ja tenk tre år allerede.. åra bare flyr å han er en liten god gutt 😀

  2. Ja tenk tre år allerede.. åra bare flyr å han er en liten god gutt 😀